At Meticulous Remodeling, we pride ourselves on transparency. We grow our business by earning the trust of our clients, and understand that your project needs to be as important to us as it is to you. We also understand that people don’t like surprises when it comes to cost. That’s why we make sure our rates are always clear.


How it Works:


We offer the option of a fixed-price contract or a "time and materials" approach for every project.


Fixed-Price Contracts:


We feel strongly that a qualified remodeling contractor should have enough experience to offer and adhere to a fixed-contract price for most home repairs and improvements.


This is not easy and requires drawing upon years of experience. It also means factoring in certain variables the contractor feels could be encountered. It should be very clear exactly what materials and craftsmanship and what fasteners, etc., will be used. There should be no surprises. Additionally, there should be provisions for "extra" work to be done on a "time and materials" basis if unexpected variables are encountered, such as rot greater than specified in the contract, or insect infestation, for example.


We generally specify exactly what rot repair is included and what is not. For instance, we may write into a contract that no rot beyond the exterior trim boards is expected and therefore none has been included in the proposal, to keep things fair. Or, we may specify that rotten plywood sheathing is included, up to two sheets of plywood, and minor framing rot will be repaired up to one-inch deep along an eight-foot length of bottom plate to be chiseled out and new wood spliced in.


We are very specific so we can avoid gray area as much as possible when outside of these parameters.


Time and Materials Approach:


There are plenty of projects, however, where a "time and materials" approach makes the most sense for everyone involved. It is usually because there is not enough information available to provide a thorough proposal. For instance, we may evaluate the exterior of a home and spot several spots where there is improper flashing or none at all. We know there will be water damage, but no major symptoms of rot are seen from the exterior and interior. It must be made right, however, with flashing installed to stop the bleeding. The only way to know how extensive damage may or may not be is to begin to gently poke around and look for symptoms that require further attention to prevent major structural problems.


A proposal that attempts to include too many variables is not fair to anybody.


Either way, we want you to choose what works best for your project and budget. Whichever you choose, rest assured that all of our work is backed up by a 10-year warranty and our Meticulous and diligent craftsmanship.


Meticulous Approved Subcontractors:


We are always happy to refer our preferred subcontractors to clients, customers and homeowners, without markup, on small, straightforward projects that do not require our extensive involvement or supervision.


When the scope of work calls for us to arrange and supervise all subcontractors, we mark-up the subcontractor's total bill by 10 percent or charge our hourly rate of $60 per hour, whichever is greater.


If you have any questions about our pricing, please give us a call at 603-817-0777 or email us at john@meticulousremodeling.com.


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