Repairing damage caused by water is not only one of our specialties, it's our most commonly requested work.


Many people assume it takes a catastrophic event, such as flooding, to cause water damage. That's certainly true, but more often, water damage is the result of numerous other factors, including an aging roof or chimney; damaged soffits or fascia boards; faulty or insufficient gutters and downspots; damaged windows, doors and flashing; and groundwater or rainwater accumulations.


We're often called in to inspect water damage once it's spotted in the home. Too often, the first sign of damage is an indication that water has been eating away at the interior for much longer.


If you suspect water damage, give us a call and we're happy to evaluate your property and offer a clear and experienced assessment of the damage, as well as options to repair or restore your home.

GOT ROT? Not with us.


Although we can design and build custom and traditional homes, our true niche is remodeling, repair, and renovation projects. We really enjoy tackling small repairs, ranging from drywall repair to a leaky chimney, or doors and cabinet doors that no longer work the way they should.


We're just as adept at the bigger projects, too. Clients have hired us to gut entire homes and commercial space, bring systems up to current code, build custom interior cabinetry, carpentry, tile, and finish work that accentuates

the period details of a historic home.


Many contractors overlook careful exterior finish work and flashing. That can lead to water damage, rot or worse. That work, including siding and roofing, has always been among our respected specialties.


Looking for something even bigger? Although we have been called upon to build new homes, it's not our focus as a deliberately small and local craft business. However, we're always happy to offer suggestions, whether it's a designer or an architect to help map out the vision for your new home. Because we've been active professionals in the field for decades, and have forged some wonderful relationships with other builders, we're happy to share that knowledge with you.


Call or email us today about a quote.